Shree Electronics is the Prime Manufacturer of Hearing Aid Products and also develop theinfrastructure and equipment to enable the deaf and dumb to communicate amongst each other and also with the World.

We have been in the present business since last Nine years. Our Founder and Proprietor Mr.Sameer Pundalik Desai had very vast and commendable experience in catering to the equipments of the deaf and dumb, on behalf of this experience we are able to provide State of the art TechnologicalSolutions to the problems of educational and mental growth of the deaf and dumb. We have chosen this service area as a matter of our philanthropic attitude towards the society and slowly developed thesame into a business opportunity. We still have that social aspect with us to do something for disables.

Our competitive but affordable pricing structure has made many of the Deaf and Dumb Schools, NGOs, Institutes, Audiologists and Government Department our Permanent Customers not only in Maharashtra but in other states of India i.e. Karnataka, Kolkata (WB), Assam, Chennai, Delhi, Jharkhand,Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana etc. We give sufficient time for Innovating new products and have developed some of our unique ones as well. We are very proud to feel that our products are much more better than the Imported Products. We believe in R&D to make product better and better which helps make day to day life easy for deaf and dumb.

We provide quick and prompt on site service regularly, our qualified technicians personally visits the place and provides with the solution. The Customer satisfaction level for the services rendered by ushave been extra-ordinarily high.There are many Deaf and Dumb Schools receiving foreign Aid to implement innovative solutions for the betterment of the deaf and dumb. Now with good numbers of installation completed by us, and the repairs & maintenance of the said equipments and facilities is bound to come in the near future.



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