SE 1101: Loop Induction System :-

  • Compact & Powerful         Clear, undistorted sound
  • Mic level adjustment         LED VU meter
  • Mic & CD inputs                Headphone & loop output


SE 1101 Loop Induction System

SE 1101, System from Shree Electronics is a powerful Loop Induction System for use of hearing impaired. Microphone or CD signals are amplified and radiated through a wire loop. This radiation can be picked up by T-coils, placed within this loop, of hearing aids.

Outputs: Two outputs are available from SE 1101
1. Loop Induction output through a wire loop. Suitable for pick up by T coil of hearing aid. Loop output level can be varied.
2. Head phone output for monitoring purpose. Headphone output can be independently varied. 


1. Microphone input
2. CD input

Output Indicators    6- LED bar graph VU meter
Level Controls

Microphone Sensitivity Control

Loop & Headphone output level Control

Operating Power 230V, 50Hz Mains

Mechanical Details

200 (W) x 135(D) x 65(H) mm,
1.25 Kg


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