Acoustic / Sound Treated / Speech Therapy Room :-

We have specialty in construction / Installation of Acoustic/ Sound Treated/ Speech Therapy Booth/Room as per the requirement by the customer in different size and shapes. An Audiometric room ideally needs high insulation (more than 50db) and reverberation should be less than 0.3 m/sec. During the construction of an audiometric room / booth the premises should be treated with the following:


  • Sound Insulation and Acoustic Treatment of the wall
  • Sound Insulation and Acoustic Treatment for the floor and ceiling
  • Sound Insulation and Acoustic Treatment of the observation window - 2’ X 2’ ft. & 12mm Thick.
  • Sound Insulation and Acoustic Treatment of the door
  • High Quality Termite Resistance & Water Proof Plywood for longer life and better strength.
  • High quality Glass/ Rock Wool – 48 density & 50 mm thickness to be used for Sound treatment.
  • Noise Criteria should be 35 dB at 1KHz.
  • Transmission Loss should be 30 dB & reverberation time should be 0.6 sec. at 1KHz.
  • Reverberation level min. – max. requirement
  • We provide Branded Air Conditioning as well as Ventilating system in the Acoustic Booth/ Room.
  • We provide Electric source arrangement for Audio logical Instruments / Equipments with High
  • Quality Internal Electrical Fittings for uninterrupted electric support in the Booth/ Room.


We also provides ‘U’ Shape Furniture for Group Hearing Aid System.