Shree Electronics Aryan Series Digital Diagnostic Audiometer is advanced micro-controlled audiometer incorporating the latest in digital technology. Aryan Series Digital Diagnostic Audiometer is a compact portable audiometer designed with Advanced Digital Technology. It generates precise, distortion free tones and accurate attenuation steps for speedy, genuine & accurate testing procedures /reports.


Each audiometer is built for long reliable service to the user, Shree Electronic’s Aryan Series Digital Diagnostic Audiometer housed in an attaractive powder coated MS cabinet of great mechanical strength. The electronic assembly has been specially built for rigorous and continious use.


Soft Feather Touch, click less, well spaced keys speed up testing procedure, keys are so arranged that the examiner can operate them with one hand, while the other hand is free to record observations if required . The Aryan Audiometer is provided with an USB port as a standard feature for easy connectivity to PC. Threshold data can be saved and transferred to PC for standardized graphical presentation using a specially developed software and also for print out, the software enables the user to operate the Audiometer easily from the PC end and also save the Patient Data for later reference and print out as and when required.


This audiometer has a wide range of applications, routine clinical check ups in hospital and clinics, the ENT Specialist or an Audiologist assessing hearing loss, it has been serving reliably for several years in important situation. This audiometer can also serve ideally in screening of workers in factories, for general checkups for airlines, armed forces and in deaf schools.


  • Air Conduction
  • Bone Conduction
  • Speech Test : (-10dB to 120dB)
  • Special Tests – Pulse Tone, Tone Decay, SISI, Warble, ABLB, Stranger & SAL

   (depends upon the model No.)

  • Tone – Continuous / Pulse / Warble
  • Wide Band Masking

Digital Diagnostic Audiometer Series