SE Digi 1101: Digital Loop Induction System :-


  • Compact & Powerful
  • Clear, undistorted sound
  • Mic level Adjustment
  • LCD Backlight 2 rows 16 characters with cursor bar graph
  • Mic & CD inputs
  • Headphone & loop output
  • VU Meter for Mic Signal
   1.5 Kg


SE Digi 1101 Digital Loop Induction System


SE Digi 1101, Digital Loop Induction System from Shree Electronics is a powerful Loop Induction System for use of hearing impaired. Microphone or CD signals are amplified and radiated through a wire loop. This radiation can be picked up by T-coils, placed within this loop, of hearing aids.



1. Loop Induction output through a wire loop. Suitable for pick up by T coil of hearing aid. Loop
    output level can be varied.

2. Head phone output for monitoring purpose.


1. Microphone inputs
2. CD/Stereo inputs


16 X 2 LCD Display showing dB level scale settings for Microphone
CD inputs Bar Graph for output of dB level.

Digital Scale Controls  2 X Settings keys for both Microphone & CD inputs.
Digital Output dB level controls 2 UP / DOWN Keys for each channel.

Mechanical Details

185 (W) x 150(D) x 55(H) mm,


 1.5 Kg