SE 3101: Speech Trainer :-

  • Microphone inputs for Teacher & Student
CD input
  • Headphone output
Channel selection: L, R, L+R
  • Tone Controls
LED bar graph VU meter


SE 3101 Speech Trainer










SE 3101, Speech Trainer from Shree Electronics helps speed up speech training of hearing impaired children. SE 3101 provides independent microphones to teacher and student. Speech signals of teacher & student are internally mixed and fed to a stereo headphone. Thus the student can simultaneously hear teacher’s and her/his own voice.

Output: Through stereo headphones.

Inputs: Teacher’s microphone (Mic R), Student’s Mic (Mic L), CD

Level Controls: independent level controls for Mic L, Mic R, and Headphone channels L & R

Channel Selection: Selectable combinations of headphone channels: L only, R only, both L+R

Tone Controls: Stereo tone controls (frequency filters): High pass, Low pass

Output level indicators: 6-LED bar graph VU meter

Operating Power: 230V, 50Hz

Mechanical : Dimensions: 220(W) x 135(D) x 65(H) mm Weight: 1.2Kg